The 12th Art Archives
Welcome, oh welcome to the 12th Art Archives, this virtual library that stores information of this awesome RPG group that crafts many universes inspired on the crème de la crème of mythology and pop culture, living epic adventures inside of it.

Here you'll find information on the players, their characters, the RPGs we play, their lore and stories, concepts and much more! Have fun reading and exploring our many tales as we create together these legendary fantasies and live them as our own.

The 12th Art Lovers Group, as we call ourselves, is composed of enthusiasts of roleplaying games that create systems on our own in order to make every experience a different one.

The name comes from the famous affirmation that there are seven arts in the world - music, scenic arts, painting, sculpture, architecture, literature and cinema. Some say that the modern world adds even more of them to the list, four to be exact - photography, comic books, video games and digital art.

So we decided on our own that the Role-Playing Games are the 12th Art. And we don't care if you disagree.

But okay, if you are here to join our stories, well, have fun, mon ami, for the prologue ends here!

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